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The drums began to beat

And my heart rapidly beats faster and faster

I waited innocently for the journey to begin


Without fail,

Without delay,

It came



And silently,

It came


Walking in front were two English gentlemen

Their hats respectfully folded in front of their arms


Slowly and silently was their walk

Insensible to the woman,

Who is beautifully and customary swathed in kente


My mother

My world

My heartbeat


The drums continues

I touched my braids

For comfort


And wondered who would braid them now

They were my mother’s pride

To see my braids beautifully packed into a bunch


Lost in thoughts I marched on





If love is blind,

Then let my eyes be opened

And the gates of my heart shut

Before an intruder trespasses on

My haggard emotions

I am the African

I am the African,

Out of the struggle I rise

Out of the shame I rise

Out of the sun I shine

I am the African

Rooted in Odum

Out of the Asante I ascend

The Nile is where I bathe

Kilimanjaro is where I descend

Cultured in the Shea tree

Out of the dirt I shine

I am the African

Out of the cocoa bean I’m treasured

Gold is my coast

I am the African