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Lose Yourself

Once you fall in love with yourself,

You become conscious of the colours you choose to compliment you.

The textures of materials which enhances and flatters your body.

The books which feeds your soul and not just your mind

You do less to hide yourself and more to show the world how beautiful you are…..


Step Off

When a black woman is a black woman who eats her black food read her black books wear her black fashion invest in her black community

She is then seen as a racist or a trouble maker…


The white woman who is a white woman who eats her potatoes read her fifty shades of gray wear her black everyday and shops in her local high street supporting her white community

Is opposite to what we call the black woman


My Mind is An Ocean

21st Century living is a life of madness.

No one seems to know who they are or what to do…

Men are afraid to be men

Women are afraid to be women

Parents are afraid to be parents so they befriend their children over discipline

White woman wants to be orange with a big ass and full lips

Black woman wants to be yellow with no curves and a head full of someone’s hair

Black boys squeezing their big bones into skinny jeans

Africans afraid to be Africans in case someone thinks they’re bush…

We’re afraid to think in case we have to use our minds and so sit and numb ourselves pressing buttons on gadgets

We’re afraid to love in case we get our hearts broken

and those who dare to love and marry only give 1% of themselves to their partners…

And so we keep ourselves busy because we’re afraid to be called lazy so we act like possessed and dispossessed souls….

FEAR has taken over LOVE in love there is no fear…

My History

As an African woman I love and celebrate my history

I ain’t ashamed of my history

I am riding on the hips and backbone and strengths of women who barely had cloth to cover their wide hips or shoes to wear on their callous feet!

They fell and rose so I can face tomorrow and when the enemy comes in like a flood

I think of what got mama through so I can be here today!


I rise

I rise


The emenation of him twirls  around her imaginative realm

An escape to be….
An escape to fantasize

Dark and scrumptutous, canning moves like Ananse

He weaves his way in and out of her realm

Whispering tales of Ananse stories into her innocent mind…..

Heart knotted by¬† Ananse’s web, beating to his next move….

Maame Prempeh

Be Still

And He said:

You are single not because you are a curse but a blessing

you are single because I have fearfully and wonderfully created you and so whomsoever desires you will fear me first.

And because he fears me, because the content of his heart is not pure and wrongful desires he will flee not run but flee from your presence my beautiful daughter

You are single because you desire a man not a boy. The content of a man’s heart reveals his intent and since his intentions are wrong he cannot be with you because you desire the purest of the pure a heart and not wealth

You are single because you are not an option but priceless I purchased you with my precious blood and anyone intent on being near you must give you their greatest possession which is their soul.

You desire a soul mate not a sexual mate.

You are single because I have put my spirit of boldness in you.

Not because you are a strong woman, you are strong because I raised you.

Out of the image of I, I have created you. Therefore anyone who comes near you with wrongful intentions will fear you!

You are single because you desire wholesome not halfsome.

You are single because you desire that which many do not have a soul…..

Now my precious daughter be still and know that I am the Lord…..

Royal Hottness

Can you see the benefits of my behind?

My hips they tell a story of how many children I have carried

My breasts have been the lifeline of my precious babies

My beads they call the beholder of my beauty….

My eyes have seen a lot

My ears have heard plenty

My head have carried many a yam

My callous feet ain’t pretty because they belong to a mighty woman!

Can you see as I approach in the rhythmic beats of my Asanteness?

Can you see me?