I watched Hurricane movie today.

I thought about prison.

How white supremacy is obsessed with locking our men in prison.

I’ve come to resent seeing black people perform on on tv singing and dancing…

Especially British television!

What has change since slavery?

The correlation between slavery and mass imprisonment of our men is too much!

If we can’t keep them on the plantation we’ll deprive them and frustrate them and they’ll march right into prison and work for peanuts!

When you watch Wangari Maathai’s documentary and see how she and a bunch of old ladies raised hell on the president in Kenya to release their sons after 11 gruelling months of protest then you’ll know that as mothers we need to rise!

The sons and husbands who aren’t behind bars are silenced like some walking zombies…..

It doesn’t matter if it ain’t your husbands, son or brother….

it affects all of us….

We need to wake up from the slumber and rise…..