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Celebrate Life

About 4/5 years ago, during a really bad winter when the temperature became extremely bad.

A man was found dead in a pub cellar.

He died from hyperthermia.

He was homeless and a benevolent English pub owner allowed him to sleep where he stored his alcohol.

An aunt told me this story.

The man was a Ghanaian guy who used to come around where there was a Ghanaian restaurant.

Am I my brother’s keeper?

I questioned my aunt why none of them helped him.

The family of the deceased man sent money and demanded his dead body to be flown to Ghana.

In Ghana you are worth more dead than alive because your funeral will bring donation and partying.

The family of the homeless man was supposedly rich.

The final service of Komla Dumor will end today.

The question I’ve been asked is do you think he deserved a state funeral?

In my personal and humble opinion I do not believe in extravagant and elaborate spending and manner when a person dies.

Komla has made his mark and imprint on many of us.


He was not representing Ghana as a states man at the BBC he was working as a private man hired by them.

When he passed I shed tears, I suggested to a few people who knew him about creating something that will keep his memory alive.

Let us print T-Shirts and sell?

Perhaps a foundation for his kids and aspiring young journalists?

I was deeply hurt by the collective response from people who knew him personally.

Each person said the same thing.

“Oh as for the children, they will be well taken care of”.

I marvelled at the short sightedness of these individuals.

I raged to a friend!

A few days later the BBC I read hoped to set up a foundation for aspiring journalist!!!!

I was outraged and ashamed!!!!

Why must Ghana spend money on a state funeral and the BBC to set up a foundation?

It all comes down to the value we Ghanaians place on funerals.

I am an Asante and in my life time that is all I’ve witnessed.

Western funeral directors have discovered our love for funerals and have set up companies in Ghana because in Ghana your dead body is profitable.

And so whether the homeless man was flown to Ghana to be buried or not I do not know,


I do hope that we do away with this behaviour and help people when they’re in need.

Komla Dumor rest in peace.


When the heart is afraid of being broken.

We offer our body as a sacrifice.

Take my body because l am too afraid to ask for more in fear of rejection.


The mind will never stop torturing, telling you that the heart, the body and the soul are inseparable…..