I met a mother in a charity/trick store in the book section. She was looking for a book for her child because the writer of the book was in town the next day.

The books have been turned into a tv series Rasta Mouse.

I found Meridian by Alice Walker, I asked her if she’s read it?

She me? No after university I haven’t read a book since.

I walked away feeling really sad.


And you call yourself educated I thought to myself.

And the child, rather sad too because if she hadn’t read Rasta Mouse books imagine what she’s missing out.

Too many people have replaced knowledge, wisdom and understanding with just certificates.

My Facebook streams with black women graduates. I saw a picture yesterday with “keep calm and marry educated black woman”

I wasn’t impressed because I know amazing educated sisters and also uneducated ones.

The knowledge, experience and understanding of the uneducated ones cannot match those with certificates.

It seems like we’re trying to prove something with all these degrees without wisdom.

Like “black is beautiful” slogan i loath it.

Why do you need to say that?

When was black not beautiful?

When were black women not packed with knowledge, wisdom and experience?

Asked the older generations in your family….

Remember who raised the children of white women.

And so sisters and brothers lets think critically about this.

If we’re attaining certificates without wisdom what good is it to anyone?

If we have degrees but no bookcase in our homes where is the the pursuit of knowledge?