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Sleep taunted and kindled the eyelids

Unimaginable thoughts invades the abyss of the mind

Saxophone echoed  the indigenous sounds from Table mountains to Kilimanjaro

The King awaits with throbbing anticipation

She bowed  obediently before the King

Embracing him between his Kingdom, she crowned him with kisses of the Nile

And sucked in from gold to coast

She inhaled and exhaled

Slowly sucking with fierce hunger

He sliped a finger in the kingdom between her legs

And the wetness of her Nile parted and welcomed him home

Taking in the pleasures of  the kingdoms in which they both dwelt…

Hearts pounded like the pounding of fufu

The King met the Queen


Love brewed in the African Kingdom….


I am the African

I am the African,

Out of the struggle I rise

Out of the shame I rise

Out of the sun I shine

I am the African

Rooted in Odum

Out of the Asante I ascend

The Nile is where I bathe

Kilimanjaro is where I descend

Cultured in the Shea tree

Out of the dirt I shine

I am the African

Out of the cocoa bean I’m treasured

Gold is my coast

I am the African