This is what silenced looks like...

This is what silenced looks like…

I did my final project in university on African feminism,

Silenced versus silent.

I used various books such as So Long a Letter by Mariama Ba, The Dilemma of a Ghost and Changes both by Ama Ata Aidoo……

I believe silenced is imposed on a person and silent is a personal choice…..

That time I was a young woman, totally unaware of marriage, particular in our African culture….

I was brought up by a single mother, so I did not have a chance to look at marriage from home. My mother was a petite woman, very articulate, but under no circumstance did she initiate or demonstrated that being silent on matters which affects her is part of being a good woman or a ‘so called lady’

The protagonist in Ba’s novel is a Muslim whose husband takes a second wife without consulting her, who also happens to be a friend of her daughter’s.

In Aidoo’s Changes, the same thing happens to the Muslim wife, whose husband marries an Akan woman, who is a divorcee with a child.

My interest was to find out where the women chose to be silent and where they were forced to be silent…..

The women in both novels were educated Muslim women….

There seems to be a confusion within our culture, where women are not aware when they are being silenced, which is a passive choice and when they are being silent, which is an active choice……

This is not just an African women issue alone….

The same attitude emerges on issues such as the Zimmerman issue.

We choose to be silent because we do not want to be seen as an activist or ridicule….

Do you know how many blood has been shed for the freedom that you so freely enjoy now?

The current issue in news for Africa is a Senator wanting to pass a bill on underage marriage…..

Child bride to satisfy dirty, bloodsucking old men!

Do you choose to be silent or silenced?

The issue affects every woman,

and yet

I see no woman’s status reflecting this…..

My friends from TedxEuston are the only Africans whose fb status seems to be campaigning against this….

Most of them are men too!!


You can guarantee that when the Princess gives birth African women will be discussing this….

Which be your concern?

Choosing to be mute to me is like, being back in slavery when an African did not have a voice…..

Paul says in the Bible that women should be silent and if they have any questions they should ask their husbands…..

This controversial statement is being exercise like an exercise bike in many homes today….

I get chills whenever I come across that statement……

Upon all our unpronounceable degrees, some are being silenced because we’re in the race of………

When a pastor is molesting and sleeping with young children,

We are silent…


LetGodbethejudge… O!


The Bible says to obey the laws of the land in which we reside…

When are we going to break the barriers of imposed silenced?

When are we going to be an active participant in issues that affects us in particular?

The protagonist in So Long a Letter chose to be silent. But the novel was her way of speaking. it is a composition of letters exchanged between herself and her best friend who had enough of the situation and being educated moved to America to work…….

Between these two women, they speak…..

Silence is perceived as pure and Holy….

There is a time when silence is golden….


“Your silence will not protect you.”

Audre Lorde